The game of Cornhole is similar in concept to Horseshoes or Lawn Darts. However, instead of pitching heavy iron horse shoes or throwing sharp pointed darts, you toss corn-filled bags into a hole.

Download your copy of Cornhole Rules by clicking here or visit for all the official information about the game from the American            Cornhile Association (ACA).

Never mind the name! This game is fun and addicting. Below are some typical rules of the game. Rules in your area (especially tournament rules) may vary.

:: The game is played with 2 or 4 players (preferably 4).
:: The boards will be placed 27 feet apart (frontto front).
:: Team partners face each other from OPPOSITE BOARDS.
:: Play starts at either board with all eight bags.
:: Each team plays with a set of 4 bags and each team has their own color bag.
:: Opponents alternate tosses until all 8 bags are played.
:: The round is then scored (see scoring).
:: Repeat the play from the otherend and the highest scoring team from the  previous throw has honors.

:: The first team to get 21 or more points wins!
:: A team earns 1 point for bags on the board, they can’t hit the ground and the bounce on the board, nor can they be touching the ground. It is appropriate to remove all bags from the board that hit the ground first, this is done before play is continued.
:: A team earns 3 points for bags that go into the hole. They must go completely in the hole. Bags that are hanging in the hole only count for 1 point. If your opponent knocks your bag into the hole you still get the 3 points.
:: The score is the difference in the team totals. For example: After 1 round or 8 bags played; Team #1 has thrown 1 bag into the hole and three off the board, their total then is 3 points. Team #2 has thrown 1 bag on the board and three                off the board, there total then is 1 point. You subtract team #2’s score from team #1’s score and the total score for the round is team #1 earns 2 points.

:: Players can use any method to determine sides (ie. coin flip, rock-paper-scissors) or a toss closest to the hole (a coin flip is used in tournament play). You should also use the same method to see which team goes first.
::Where you stand is a personal preference as long as you don’t cross the foul line which is an imaginary line that is even with the front of the board.

St. Pete Cornhole

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